About Z Life Alchemy:

Z Life Alchemy promotes a life of balanced visualization and applied effort. In short, it’s about working hard, but playing harder. It’s about believing AND taking inspired action. Become a Z Life Alchemist by committing to your dream.

About Team Zimmerman:

Sara and Rob Zimmerman (aka Team Zimmerman) are a husband and wife team based in the Truckee – Lake Tahoe area who live the inspired “Z Life.” Team Zimmerman is enthusiastic about helping people improve their lives and have a great time. They know that it takes both visualization and inspired action to make a life of their dreams, which they are living to the fullest each and every day.

The Zimmermans apply the Z Life Alchemy motto of “Ascend, Ride, Create the Life You Want” by working as a team to make their lives incredible, every step of the way. When not sitting in the office or studio, they’re often playing with their daughter and rock climbing, doing board sports (snowboarding, wake boarding, surfing), mountain biking, or playing music together in their band. See what they’re up to by following Sara on Instagram and Rob on Instagram.